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Club History


The Jersey Land Rover Owners Club, was formed in August 2003 after a chance meeting between Howard Temple-Redshaw and Trevor & Liz Keller, who after discussing how disappointing it was not to have a Land Rover Club in Jersey, decided to do something about it.

The Local newspaper wrote a small article and flyers advertising the first meeting, were put on every parked Land Rovers they could find.  Twenty Two people and 12 Land Rovers turned up to this meeting and now the club has over 50 keen Members and has included overseas members (UK) who came to jersey on holiday and made contact with the club via the LRM Clubs UK listing page.

Over the Past 15 years, the Club has organised trips to both the UK and France (being the closest) for green laning, pay and play locations and Landrover shows. Club members have also affiliated themselves with the Guernsey Land Rover Club (Sister Island), installing friendly competition within their ideal off-road area.

New members are openly welcome and contact details can be found on the Contact page.



It is encouraging to see an ever increasing number of Land Rovers of Defenders, Discoveries, Freelanders and Range Rovers on the Island. it is envisaged that the club will continue to develop.

Along with Series and Forward Controls and lightweights being registered in Jersey as well as the newer models shows that the love for the Marque is still strong.

Whether you drive a Chelsea Tractor, a beat up off-roader, family vehicle or a workhorse, come along to a meeting or see us at events around the island and become a member of the Land Rover Family.

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