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"Mutley" is a Stornoaway Grey 2007 Defender 110 TDCI, purchase from a Cumbrian Dealer via Ebay shortly after my 50th, then shipped to the Island where it has be loving enhanced. Driven daily across the Island, and has on occasions been driven through France, Belguim, Holland and Germany and has made frequent visits back to mainland UK.  No stranger to the off-road environment at Pallot's and Sorel, and Mutley likes to partake in the annual convoy drives around the Island, usually as tail end charlie.  enhancements undertaken, rear bulk head cutaway - seat risers, rear wheel carrier - LED lights all round including headlights - front grill and light surrounds - instrument dial card change - what do I not like about Mutley !!! Nothing


"Frank" is a Red 1992 Defender 110 Country Station Wagon, It's engine is a 200TDI 2.5L Turbo Diesel with a LT77 5 speed manual gearbox. It also has LT230 High/low range with central Diff-Lock. Berk was built in 1992 in Solihul and had the chassis changed over to Galvanized in 2002. in 2009 it had an engine overhaul and a rebuild and finally in 2018 I registered it onto Jersey Plates.  IT has silicone hose water hoses, silicone hose turbo kit, dog guard, front steering protector, rock and tree sliders, LED lights. This Landy grunts and goes everywhere it wants to! 


This is a white 1993 Land Rover 90 Commercial. It's engine is a 2.5L Tdi Diesel (200TDI) with a LT77 gearbox and the transfer box was replaced with an operational British Leyland (which is older than the vehicle). It was originally built in Solihull and came over to Jersey in 1996. This Landy has many modifications including 2" suspension, 2" shocks, rear diff lock, mushroom snorkel, tank and diff guards. It has also been fitted with spot lights, roof lights, work light and recovery lights. Currently sat on Mud terrain tyres on modular wheels. This vehicle has been involved in local events as well as French Frolics, Salisbury Plains and Exmoor Forest. 

This is a blue 1989 Land Rover 90 County. Its engine is a 3.5L V8 with a Holley 390 carb and edlebrock dual plane inlet. It was purchased as a pile of parts during the first lock down and I decided that I would build my very own Land Rover. After months of blood, sweat and swear words it was ready and on the road. Since then it's been in and out of the garage. It has a 2inch lift, heavy duty steering arms, steering guard, tubular manifolds and its vibrant blue colour. In December 2022, it came off the road due to overheating and engine issues. It is now currently being converted into a 200tdi engine and various things fixed. You'll often find it and its owner at club events and she isn't afraid to get muddy! 

My 1986 Land Rover 110 started life in the RAF based at St Athan’s, it was here for 10 years before moving to the Special Escort Group where it helped with transportation of Nuclear material from AWE Berkshire to RNAD Coulport. It was then retired and brought to Jersey where it was used to tow and launch a boat, since I bought it in 2014 it’s had a new chassis and bulkhead, the old 2.5NA diesel has been replaced with a 200tdi and the transfer box has been changed to a higher ratio unit, it’s currently in the process of being converted to a ‘soft camper’

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